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I was born December 28, 1980 in Victoria, Texas. When I was three my family moved to California and started in the farming and cattle ranch business with my grandfather. As a kid I played sports like baseball, soccer, etc. but hated them. At eleven years old my family moved to Tucson, AZ for my father’s original career as a mining engineer. As a kid I was never very interested in team sports. I always enjoyed the feeling of relying on myself and excelling at things individually. At the age of 13 I joined the Summer League swim team with a friend. That first year I felt like I was just going through the motions and did not perform well overall, but, the next year, something just clicked.

I loved the challenge and adrenaline rushes from the races. I ended up becoming one of the best swimmers on my team and placed first in the Summer League multiple times. In high school I swam competitively too. I became the team captain my sophomore year through my senior year as well as lettering all four years. I set multiple school records and placed respectably in 2 state competitions. Around the same time all of this was happening I found my first passion in life, mountain bike racing! Throughout high school I swam at the beginning of the year followed by mountain bike racing the rest of the year. I now had a fascination with professional athletes and always thought what an amazing thing it would be to make a living from the pursuit of a sport that you love. At this point mine was mountain bike racing and I was pretty darn good. As a teen I ranked as high as third in the state of Arizona. I had realized my dream in life and I was driven to turn pro.

With all of this training I developed a pretty balanced physique. Along the way I had a couple good friends of mine tell to me I should become a bodybuilder. I never took the suggestions seriously, but always loved the way muscles looked and was fascinated by them. I always had some weights at home that I tooled around with and enjoyed it. At one point in my senior year I picked up a Flex magazine with Ronnie Coleman and Monica Brant on the cover. I just remember being so enthralled by the way they looked and by all the training and diet information that was in the magazine. I began to learn so much from it. Later that year my family went to go see my mom’s boss compete in a local bodybuilding show. I remember thinking to myself, as I was watching it, that I could walk right up there and win the entire show. I know it sounds cocky but that’s how I genuinely felt about it.

Later that year after high school graduation, my bike needed a new frame. I was waiting for the new one to come in and during my down time I decided to join a gym to begin cross training. The owner helped me design a program and was immediately bit by the iron bug! I fell in love to say the least and soaked up all the knowledge I could, even majoring in exercise wellness and earning multiple personal training certificates. Within a year of training I entered the same show I saw my moms boss compete in and not only did I win my weight class but won the overall title at 19 years old. I had found my new passion fueled with the dream to turn pro and make a living from the sport… this lifestyle… this love… this pursuit.

I went forward competing on and off in bodybuilding shows throughout the years, winning some and placing terribly in others as well, but, always improving and learning from my mistakes and achievements. Now I am laying it all on the line, giving this passion of mine everything I have, and will stop at nothing to make this dream a reality. I am committed to my clients in assisting them in achieving all that they want as well. I believe it is a win-win situation when you can share your knowledge and passion to help each other grow physically and personally. This is why I formed As a vehicle to empower, inspire, educate and support anyone that wants to take their physical and personal success to the next level!

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